Keep bugs & insects out of your home...

If you’re looking for a way to keep your home secure from bugs and flies then consider our range of quality Insect Screen solutions for your home which are available from Homesafe Services.

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Amplimesh Grille Hinged Amplimesh Grille Sliding

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Amplimesh® Grille

Amplimesh® grille door screens offer you peace of mind against uninvited visitors. They not only visually deter unwelcome guests, but offer a high quality physical barrier against anyone that does attempt to break-in. With insect mesh as a standard feature on all Amplimesh® screens, homeowners are able to enjoy open doors or windows without enticing in mosquitos, flies or thieves.

With over 50 years of experience in the NZ security screen market, Amplimesh® is recognised for its superior quality and longevity, reassuring thousands of customers that their security is taken care of. Security screens from the Amplimesh® range are available in a variety of grille styles, with both the grille and frame colour matched to existing joinery.

Clearguard Security HingedClearguard Security Sliding

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Clearguard Security

Clearguard® is the latest innovation in home security screens in NZ - a modern replacement for Amplimesh grilles and an alternative to premium woven stainless steel SupaScreen mesh. The screens are assembled using a unique patented pressure assembly process, eliminating the need for screws or rivets.

Clearguard® screens use hardened 1.6 mm thick aluminium sheets that are less intrusive than the traditional aluminium diamond grilles. An innovative design formed by punched holes means that Clearguard® screens are virtually translucent, providing quality security without blocking your view.

Clearguard® can be relied on for security, particularly in summer when you want to leave doors and windows open to let the breeze flow through. The quality of Clearguard® is matched by strong aluminium frames which can be colour coated to match your joinery.joinery.

Supascreen Security HingedSupascreen Security Sliding

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Supascreen Security

SupaScreen security door and window screens are an innovative design allowing unobstructed views, whilst maximising strength and security. Produced from high tensile stainless steel that is woven into a fine mesh, SupaScreen provides exceptional security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Screens are assembled using a unique patented pressure assembly process, eliminating the need for screws or rivets. This means no dissimilar metals come into contact with the mesh, eliminating this as a possible cause of corrosion.

With unrestricted views through the fine mesh screen, SupaScreen can be installed in settings such as front entrances without comprising the appearance of the home. By colour matching frames to the existing joinery, SupaScreen blends into the surroundings providing total security without compromise.

Pet Resistant
Smart design prevents damage to mesh.

Safety Stretch
Expands & contracts for safety of your family.

Minimum 2 Year Warranty
Depending on product - can be 2 - 5 years.